Life & Times

HESE DAYS, many people are reluctant to praise the exploits of European explorers. There is understandable sympathy for the First Nations who were “discovered” and who suffered the consequences of an invasion. Meanwhile, historians are busy denying that history is made by “great men.” Nevertheless, most of us cling to the idea that individuals do change the course of history and that special admiration is due to those who influence the beginnings of things.

In Champlain the Man we investigate what we know of Champlain himself, his goals and even his love life. Champlain the Explorer focuses on Champlain’s voyages and the early Acadian settlements. In Celebrating Champlain we explore multiple perspectives and the way we interpret the past according to our own beliefs. Finally in The Mi’kmaq we hear the story of the lives and times of the people who were already there when Champlain arrived.