Peace and Conflict

Historica Foundation
The Historica Foundation of Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of Canadian history and its importance in shaping our future. Through its website,, and its interactive, leading edge educational programs, Historica brings Canadian history to life in classrooms and communities from coast to coast to coast.

Sherbrooke University Department of History
The team, directed by Luc Guay of the Department of Pedagogy, and made up of six students enrolled in various doctoral, masters and B.A. history programmes, conceived and carried out the Peace and Conflict in Canada module. Using a constructivist learning approach, the module helps students in Canadian and even foreign schools to understand how the Canadian nation developed through time by contact between First Nations, French and British cultures as well as the cultures of people of European, South American, Asian and African origin. Our team reflects the dynamic interaction of the Université de Sherbrooke's History and Political Science Department and Department of Pedagogy: Émilie Plante, a doctoral student in didactics of history acted as team leader seconded by Guillaume Baillargeon an M. A. student in history and multimedia; Erica Boisvert an M. A. history-research student as well as Véronique Laporte and Pierre-Etienne Jutras, both enrolled in the history B. A. programme, researched the documentation and wrote the case studies. Étienne Gosselin, a secondary-school education B. A. student created the module's historical maps. Professor Léon Robichaud of the History and Political Science Department acted as consultant for the Sherbrooke and 7th Floor teams.

7th Floor Media
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