FLQ Manifesto
FLQ Manifesto
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Simard, Francis. Pour en finir avec octobre. Stanké : Montréal, 1982, p. 11-15

The Front de liberation du Québec wants the total independence of all Quebeckers, united in a free society, purged forever of the clique of voracious sharks, the patronizing "big bosses" and their henchmen who have made Quebec their hunting preserve for "cheap labour" and unscrupulous exploitation.
The Front de liberation du Québec is not a movement of aggression, but is a response to the aggression organized by high finance and the puppet governments in Ottawa and Quebec [...]
Workers of Quebec, start today to take back what is yours; take for yourselves what belongs to you. Only you know your factories, your machines, your hotels, your universities, your unions. Don't wait for an organizational miracle.
We are the workers of Quebec and we will continue to the bitter end. We want to replace the slave society with a free society, functioning by itself and for itself; a society open to the world.
Our struggle can only lead to victory. You cannot hold an awakening people in misery and contempt indefinitely.
Long live Free Quebec!
Long live our imprisoned political comrades.
Long live the Quebec revolution!
Long live the Front de liberation du Quebec.