The Legend of Chateauguay [journal]
The Legend of Chateauguay [journal]
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The trumpets sounds, the guns flash, the cannons rear:
SALABERRY appears, bravery at his side
And three hundred Canadians marching behind
Joyously, like he, will challenge death.

Eight thousand Americans advance with a gloomy air.
In vain does Hampton their leader count upon their numbers,
Massive like a fearsome, lowering cloud
But one that the bright sword of Mars will soon transfix


Yes, braves lads, your valour delights us;
Our motherland will be grateful to you.
Or else, with a generous hand and heart,
Recording her thanks will raise her monument thus:

"Here Canadians covered themselves in glory;
Yes three hundred bested eight thousand here.
Their constant union was lively bulwark
Against the onslaughts of the proud Yankee.
Passer-by, behold them... These peaceful strands
Were defended as a new Thermopylae;
Here Leonidas and his 300 warriors
Returned among us to gather fresh glory"

Le Spectateur, November 25, 1813