"No Soviet At Winnipeg"
"No Soviet At Winnipeg"
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The World, May 20, 1919 (Vancouver)

It is not correct to say that Soviet control has replaced civil government in Winnipeg. What has happened is merely that through the withdrawal of the trades of unionists from their usual occupations the leaders of labor associations are temporarily in a position to dominate the city's commercial and industrial activities.

Soviet control is a very different thing. As practised in Russia, Soviet control means the power of life and death over a whole community. There is no power above the Soviet except a central authority in which all Soviets are represented. There are no laws except those which the Soviets pass and can enforce.

In Winnipeg the law, British law is still in force and enforceable.


No one in Winnipeg is deprived of his vote or his civil status because he does not happen to belong to belong to a trade union. Which is what happens in Russia.