Everyone for himself, western Premiers say [article]
Everyone for himself, western Premiers say [article]
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REGINA (CP) - Saskatchewan will be looking out for Number One now that the Meech Lake Accord is dead, says Premier Grant Devine.

"We will be forced, I believe, to be more independent as a province," Devine told reporters yesterday. "I don't think there will be as much room for interprovincial and
national-provincial generosity financially."


In Vancouver, Premier Bill Vander Zalm said British Columbia wants whatever Quebec gets in a post-Meech Confederation.

"If Quebec can seek sovereignty-association with Canada, then other provinces should
also have that option," Vander Zalm said.

British Columbia won't separate but it "will certainly seek a different type of Confederation, perhaps similar to Quebec-type association within Canada," Vander
Zalm said in an interview at his home in suburban Richmond.

"If Quebec, as I expect they would, begins to negotiate directly for things like
immigration agreements, federal spending in areas of provincial jurisdiction, greater
control over economic initiatives, then we'll be making the same negotiations."


He said the failure of Meech Lake means smaller provinces such as Saskatchewan,
with a population of about one million people, will get a rougher ride.

"A great deal of what's going on will be dominated by Ontario and Quebec and the
federal government," said a subdued Devine.

"The concerns of smaller provinces, the concerns of the aboriginal people . . . minorities generally, are clearly going to be on the back burner."

The Toronto Star, June 26, 1990