To Male Enemy Aliens [Notice from the government]
To Male Enemy Aliens [Notice from the government]
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  1. All male Enemy Aliens of the ages of 18 years to 45 years, inclusive, shall leave the protected area hereinbefore referred to on or before 1st day of April, 1942; [The order was extended to all persons of Japanese racial origin at 24th February 1942]

  2. That, subject to the provisions of paragraph No, 1 of this Order, no Enemy Alien shall, after the date of this order, enter, leave or return to such protected area except with the permission of the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force, or an Officer of that Force designated by the Commissioner to act for him in this respect;

  3. That no Enemy Alien shall leave in his possession or use, while in such protected area, any camera, radio transmitter, radio shortwave receiving set, firearm, ammunition, or explosive. [The order was extenuated at 24th February 1942 and authorized the RCMP to search without warrant, enforce a dusk-to-dawn curfew, and confiscate automobiles, radios, cameras, and firearms]

S.T. WOOD (Commissioner)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

OTTAWA, February 7, 1942

Order-in-Council P.C. 365 (16 January 1942) in KITAGAWA, Muriel. This is my Own: Ltters to Wes & Other Writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941-1948, Vancouver, Talonbooks, 1985, p. 4 and 7