Voices - Getting the Vote

Is our democracy in crisis? If a healthy democracy depends on the active participation of its voters, then the answer may be yes. In 2006 less than 65% of all eligible voters cast votes in the federal election. Two years earlier only 38.7% of young citizens voted in the federal election.

Unit I of this web site, Getting the Vote, focuses on the issue of youth voting in Canada and tries to provide an historical explanation for the importance of voting. It raises serious questions about the future of democracy in which young people are not participating in such a basic democratic activity as voting.

Unit II, Governance in Canada, examines the political process after the ballots have been counted. It describes how the ruling party exercises its power through the prime minister and Cabinet, and how decision making is affected by lobbying, the media and the Internet. It deals with issues such as whether or not our current system of electing members of Parliament is fair and what happens when things go wrong.